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    Online learning made with
    our custom learning management system that we constantly customise based on your feedback

KodeBlog LMS Platform Features

Our platform offers the following features plus many more...

Learning Management System

The online learning management system makes it easy for you to track your progress as you take the online courses and allows you to participate in community forums.


A friendly platform where you meet and discuss issues that affect the your day to day development issues. You can use the forums to ask and answer questions, make tutorial requests plus many more...

Advanced Quizzing

The quiz module make it easy for you to test just how much you have understood the courses that you just completed. The quizzes are unique everytime you re-take them. Happy quizzing

Popular Courses

Listed Below Our Most Popular Courses

Free Learning Management System

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Register for a free account

Once you have created a free account, you will be able to track your learning progress, take quizzes and interact with other members on the site

Select your desired course

Once logged in, we provide you with extra statical information on the courses that you are taking. This includes which lessons you have completed and pending ones.

Member Notifications

Community members have the capability to mention you in forum posts and you get a notification in the LMS section where you can read and respond to them.

Happy Milistones

We Have Powerful Milistones With Fun Fact Effects


Happy Students

Our online community has a total of 1555 who are willing to share their knowledge with you. You too can make a difference by asking questions and responding to other members' questions


Active Courses

Our online courses catalogue has a total of 16 and we keep adding more courses on a monthly basis.


Active Lessons

We currently have a total of 89 that we are constantly updating and we add more lessons as we update the existing courses and add more new ones.

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