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If yes then you can create a free account and use our Learning Managamenet System to keep track of the courses that you are taking. You will be able to;

  • View all the courses that you have enrolled in
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What is a Course?

A course is a collection of lessons that explain a fundamental concept in full. For example, a course title like Laravel 6 Tutorial For Beginners what Laravel is, how to get started and build a simple complete application that familizes the user with Laravel.

What is a Lesson

A lesson is a child component of a course that focuses on a specialized topic. For example, Laravel 6 Models is a lesson that focuses only on the model concepts of Laravel and nothing else.

What is a Category?

Categories are used to group courses together based on the underlying technology. For example, the category JavaScript filters the courses catalogue and only shows courses that use JavaScript as the core technology.

What is a Resource?

The resources page is a collection of products, materials and services that will help you create applictaions rapidly. For example, we have a section that recommends which cloud computing platforms are good for hosting applications, email services, HTML templates that you can buy and create killer applications for your clients etc. Full disclosure. Some of the links on the resources page are affiliate links.

Rodrick is a developer who works on Desktop, Web and Mobile Applications. He is familiar with Python, Java, JavaScript, C++, C#, Kotlin, PHP, Python and the list goes on. Rodrick enjoys sharing knowledge especially when it comes to technology.

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