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VueJS Filters

Vue Filters are special operations that can be performed on data without changing the underlying data values. You can use filters to format a number with commas and still leave the original value intact.

VueJS Events

Vue Events are special actions which when triggered they execute the code in the event handler. For example, the click event happens when a user clicks something. Vue uses the directive v-on to attach evenets

VueJS Data Binding

Vue provides a data binding directive that allows us to bind HTML element attributes to property values that we have defined on the Vue instance. Data binding is used for operations like change class, image attribute etc

VueJS Watched Property

Vue watched properties listen to value updates on defined properties then they are triggered automatically. Watched properties are useful for background tasks like API calls when a watched value changes

VueJS Computed Properties

VueJS computed properties are used to implement complex business rules on properties using methods instead of putting too much logic in the template. Computed properties are dependant on existing properties

VueJS Templates

Vue Templates provide us with mechanisms to render data and components to the Virtual DOM. We accomplish this by working with dirrectives such as v-text, v-bind, v-html etc

VueJS Instances

The VueJS Instance is global object where we mount the DOM that we wish to manipulate. We specify parameters like data, methods, components etc that we wish to work with