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Django Templates

In the last tutorials, we have created a very simple page. We also created the models needed for our application and populated the database using the Admin panel.

Django Admin Interface

How can we populate our database before writing views? We have no forms or views for creating model objects yet. What is the alternative way? Writing SQL code is one way but we can do the easy way: Using Django Admin Panel

Django Database Queries

Most applications that you will work on will need to interact with a database in the background. Database operations may involve writing records, retrieving, updating and deleting.

Django Models

Our application does not use a database, yet. In this tutorial, we will connect our Django project to the MySQL database, then we will create some models and then, we will create database tables based on our models, using Django migrations.

Django Online Bookstore, Course Project

The best way to learn how to program is by creating a practical project. We will create a Django online bookstore app. Our application will have categories, authors, and books that visitors to our online store can browser and buy.

Django Hello World

Hello World is the traditional simple application that prints the message hello world that is used to introduce beginners to a new language. While it prints only a simple message, it is useful in explaining the core concepts of the application flow.

Django Development Environment

In the last tutorial, we have seen what is Django and its architecture. In this tutorial, we will start working on Django by setting up the environment on the local machine and then we will create our first project.