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PHP - Variable Types

A Variable in PHP is just like with any other coding. It is used to store information to use in code without the need of repeating it over and over again or as something dynamic or user-input interceptive.

PHP - Syntax Overview

There is a parsing engine in PHP which work is to differentiate PHP code inside a page from other possible scripting element such as HTML, JavaScript, etc.

PHP - Introduction

PHP (or PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor) is a server-side web scripting language designed solely for the purpose of back-end web development and it is rendered as HTML on front-end once it is viewed on a web browser.

Django Ajax

AJAX allows us to create interactive applications that update only certain sections of the web page without reloading the whole page. AJAX standards for Asynchronous JavaScript & XML.

Django Form Processing

Forms allows us to get input from the users that we then submit to the backend server for processing. Forms are created using HTML mark up but Django provides us with special tools that simplify and automate the process.

Django Authentication

In the last tutorial, we created some pages using templates and views. In the next tutorials, we want to create new pages to create and update objects. However, It won't be rational if we let everyone do such operations.

Django Views

In the last tutorial we have created a base template and also we have seen a very simple view. In this tutorial, we create some pages for our application to show a list of books and also the details of each book.