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Laravel 5 Validation

This tutorial introduces you to laravel validation using a real world example and best practices

Laravel 5 Views

This tutorial introduces you to blade template and how you can use it efficiently

Laravel 5 Routing

This tutorial introdcues you to routing in Laravel and some of the best practices that you should know.

Vue JS Components

Vue components are reusable named Vue instances. A component is made up of HTML elements, data and methods depending on the purpose of the component. A component can either be global or local

Vue JS Directives

Vue Directives are special markers on DOM elements that perform specific tasks. For example, you can use a directive like v-text to output plaintext or v-html to display raw HTML in the DOM

Homestead Laravel Hello World

This tutorial shows you how to create and configure a new laravel project in homestead vagrant box

Homestead Install

This tutorial shows you how to install homestead laravel on a windows machine and configure it