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Python 3 Numbers

Almost all applications use numbers in one way or another. Learn how to create number variables and how you can perform arithmetic operations using python 3

Python 3 Variables

Variables are memory location used to store value that you can reference using a name. This lesson teaches you how to create and use variables in python 3

Python 3 Hello World

Hello python, this lesson introduces you to python 3 programming using a simple hello world program to explain the core concepts of a very basic program

Laravel 5 Localization

This tutorial shows you how to localize a laravel application and use third party packages to make it easy

Laravel 5 Users and Roles Management

This tutorial shows you how to implement user roles and permissions using a real world example

Laravel Authentication with Password Reset

This tutorial shows you how to use artisan to scaffold authentication then customizing the authentication to meet your needs

Laravel 5 Exception Handling

This tutorial introduces you to exception handling using a real world example application and best practices