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A web browser client uses two methods to send information to the web server. By using the GET method or POST method. In the process of information being sent from Client to Web Server, the information is first encoded as URL schema which includes the information such as name, types, etc.

PHP - Loop Types

We use Loops in PHP language to execute the same segment of code for a given amount of times. In order to achieve this goal PHP has an option that supports four types of loop types which are called for, while, do\...while and foreach loops. In this chapter we will focus on how these loops can be implemented using PHP code.

PHP - Decision Making

PHP Decision making works by using three set of statements respectively depending on the different scenarios. These statements are called conditional statements and they can be used in the code for the purpose of decision making.

PHP - Operators

Operators in PHP allow us to do various tasks such as write arithemetic expressions like 1 + 1, assign values to variables like value_added_tax = vat_rate, compare values like x == y etc. Operators in PHP can be categorized as arithmetic, comparison, logical, and assignment.

PHP - Arrays

In the realm of PHP web development language, an Array is a structure of data that stores either one or more than one type of values as a single value. For example if you want to store 50 numbers instead of defining 50 different variables for each number then it gets easier to define with the help of array with the length of 50.

PHP - Strings

PHP Strings are simply sequences of characters put together (especially meaningful dialogues or statement to be used as information), such as Hello World or PHP is very much capable of storing string and not just strings but long and lengthy strings

PHP - Constants

A PHP Constant is a value defined in the script which remains constant and static throughout the execution of the script or in other words runtime, that is to say they are static values and cannot be changed.