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Code Clinic


There is more to programming than just instructing the computer what to do. We solve problems. That still isn’t enough. We have to solve the problems in an efficient way. Code Clinic is dedicated to finding programming challenges and presenting them to the community. The community will provide answers. Each programmer can show how best they can solve the problem. The advantage of this is you get to see how other programmers fix their problems and you can learn from them.

It doesn’t matter what programming language you use. The challenges presented will be general and sometimes the solutions provided will be general too but language specific solutions will also be provided.

Code Clinic

Programming Languages to be featured

  • PHP – PHP is a popular server side scripting language for the web. It is one of the most used web scripting languages. The challenges will range from plain PHP code to MVC framework specific code.
  • JavaScript – what’s the web without JavaScript? Nothing. JavaScript is a client side scripting language. The challenges will range from plan JavaScript to libraries and frameworks i.e. AngularJS, JQuery, and Node.js etc.
  • Ruby on Rails – The arch enemy of PHP. Ruby this, PHP that…. Ruby on Rails (RoR) is a MVC framework build on Ruby programming language. The challenges will be focused on the RoR MVC framework itself.
  • C# - Visual Basic 6.0’s savior. The challenges will range from plan C# to ASP.Net MVC
  • Java – Talk of verbosity. The challenges will range from plain Java to JSP

Why so many featured programming languages?

Let’s use Laravel MVC framework as an example. It’s a great PHP MVC framework with a command line utility artisan that magically does things for us. We can create migrations, seeds and many more. Ruby on Rails has been doing this for a very long time. One could argue Laravel MVC framework (PHP language) is inspired by Ruby on Rails (Ruby language).

By looking at how other languages solve the same problem, you can learn one or two things that will improve your existing solution.

What’s next?

Every week, one or two challenges will be published. You can subscribe to our free newsletter to get updates delivered to your mail box, follow us on twitter to get updates or like our Facebook fan page to get updates.

Author: Rodrick Kazembe

Rodrick is a developer who works on Desktop, Web and Mobile Applications. He is familiar with Python, Java, JavaScript, C++, C#, Kotlin, PHP, Python and the list goes on. Rodrick enjoys sharing knowledge especially when it comes to technology.

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