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SQL Server 10 security best practices

Secure SQL Server and you will be protecting one of an organization’s greatest assets (information/data). Banks need to keep financial data; hospitals need to keep medical records. An online store needs to keep credit card numbers.

Cant’s keep up? 7 ways to make yourself a better programmer?

Success is not a product of chance. It is the sum result of all the choices that you will make. The eye-opening tips will transform you into a happy programmer : ).

7 Warning Signs that you’re a Bad Programmer

Are you showing any signs of a promising great programmer? These 7 warning will raise the red flag for you if you are guilty.

Full Stack Developer

This blog post introduces you to the full stack developer and what you should know to become one.


This practical guide will show you step by step how to interact with SQL Server using from PHP using Eloquent ORM.

PHP Trait

This article introduces you to traits in PHP, looks at related terms i.e. interfaces, abstract classes and gives you a practical example and when to use traits.